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Orders placed by 7pm Saturday are ready Monday for pickup or delivery when available. Please select an available time slot at checkout.

  • Bastrop Kitchen

977 Hwy 71 78602 text 512-677-5123 and we'll bring it to your car....see, told you we'd be

  • Orders placed through our affiliate, Bastrop Fitness Project are available for pickup between 4 and 6pm

Take a look at our pickup guidelines below. You'll be happy you did.

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Individual meals are portioned, and packed in biodegradable containers whenever possible. Meals are packed in insulated, reusable bags with ice packs.

To reduce waste, please return your ice packs and delivery bag at pickup. Bags and ice packs are sanitized and returned to customers at their next pickup. Don't bring us your food containers. Throw those away. Gross

Medallion strives to offer our customers a service that values the earth as much as your wallet. A $15 packing fee will be applied for unreturned materials (ice packs, and delivery bag).

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